We Jumpstart Your Startup

Startups face a unique set of software challenges. While startup accelerators may give you money and advice, we accelerate your startup's software vision by turning it into reality.

JUMPstartups works with startups that have the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

How we work

How We Work


We understand the pressures of startups- we have worked at a bunch of startups ourselves. You need a comprehensive assessment of your software progress so that you can make a realistic execution plan.

  • We'll examine your legacy setup or prototype and make recommendations.
  • We'll audit your existing codebase for potentially embarassing security flaws.
  • We'll offer an honest timeline for features your users care about.


Your startup doesn't have time to dilly-daddle. Let's get your proof-of-concept, prototype, or polished legacy codebase launched.

  • We'll secure and polish your existing app.
  • We'll iterate with you and your users to cover your needs.
  • We'll launch your app on-time and on-budget.


Your long-term success relies on taking action on feedback from your users. We'll be there to help you.

  • We'll assist in evaluating candidate employees.
  • We'll connect you to our network of existing engineers, managers, and contractors.
  • We'll ensure that your software plan matches your long-term vision.

Our Services

Our Services

Software Engineering

We'll work hard to earn your trust in delivering software on-schedule and on-budget.

Along the way, you'll receive progress reports to keep you in-the-loop. Software best practices ensure that new team members can jump in at any time.


Security breaches are costly, embarrassing, or even fatal to startups.

Your startup cannot afford to lose the trust of your customers, so rest assured that we will discuss security risks with you to minimize your exposure.


If your startup is in a fund-raising stage, you don't have time for baby-sitting.

We've been around the block, so we know how to execute your software vision.



CEO & Founder

Darin holds a master's degree in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence from Georgia Tech. Her pursuit to develop disruptive software technologies stems from an obsession to cultivate innovations that shape a better future.

About Us

The Team

Darin's team is comprised of like-minded developers and security consultants. With an experienced team spanning a wide range of fields, Darin manages a team well-rounded enough to execute any startup's software plan.

Among other skills, Darin's team can deliver:

  • web/mobile app development
  • machine learning
  • database development
  • user experience
  • software engineering management

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are happy to speak with you about your software strategy.


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